Dark Side Spirits

Ever since a faction of Dark Jedi left the Republic to found the Sith Empire countless millennia ago, the disciples of the dark side have been capable of affecting events long after their physical death. Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos, for example, appeared to two Sith Lords battling for his throneLudo Kressh and Naga Sadow-and warned them to fight the right battles lest the Sith Empire fall. Since Emperor Palpatine's death, Luke Skywalker and the students of his Jedi academy have repeatedly encountered the manipulative spirit of the Sith Lord Exar Kun. Kun himself, of course, was once a Jedi who fell under the sway of the spirit of Freedon Nadd. Both Kun and the corrupted Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma were made Sith Lords by the thousand-year-old spirit of Marka Ragnos, who ruled as Dark Lord of the Sith before Sadow or Kressh. The Emperor also continued in spirit form for a while, although he found his way back in a new body more than once. Even if a hero destroys a Sith Lord's body, his nemesis may seek revenge as a dark side spirit.

Many ghostly manifestations exist within the dark side, from Luke Skywalker's illusionary dueling opponent in the Dagobah cave to powerful avatars capable of utterly annihilating a Jedi Knight in a flash. The specific type of dark side spirit described here is essentially a noncorporeal version of the original being, an avatar of will expressed through dark side energy. Normally, powerful spirits of this type are deceased Sith Lords, although at least one-Exar Kun-voluntarily entered a state of living death. (Kun used his alchemical apparatus to transform himself into a dark side spirit when he saw a Jedi battle fleet preparing to attack the temples of Yavin 4.)

Each dark side spirit has a focal point of power that anchors it in the physical world. For example, the interred Sith Lords of Korriban use their burial sarcophagi to hold their spirits for millennia after death. Freedon Nadd clung to his tomb for countless centuries, waiting for the right opportunity to turn his successor to the dark side. Exar Kun-who didn't technically die so much as merge with the dark side and retain his identity-resisted the dissolution of his spirit by drawing on the remarkable focusing energies of the Massassi temples on Yavin 4.

Creating a Dark Side Spirit

GMs don't need to exercise such drastic measures. To create a dark side spirit, first select or create a character to use as the basis for the noncorporeal entity and apply the following template. Keep in mind that this template is intended for adversaries and nonheroic characters; player characters can only become dark side spirits by failing an attempt at Sith Sorcery (see Possession, below).

Vitality Points
A dark side spirit loses any Constitution bonus to its vitality points, but convert its die for rolling vitality points to a d 12. Reroll the dark side spirit's vitality points using a d 12 rather than the die for the class (or classes) it had in life. Assume that the dark side spirit has a full 12 vitality points at 1st level.

Wound Points
A dark side spirit is a nonphysical entity. Consequently, it has no Constitution score. Its wound points are instead equal to its Charisma score; it is a being sustained by its strength of personality rather than its physical composition.

The dark side spirit retains the speed and modes of movement it had in life. Becoming a nonphysical entity does not give the individual the ability to fly, for example, if it did not already have that ability. Dark side spirits are not hindered by terrain, though, and can pass as easily through solid objects as they can through thin air. The dark side spirit also gains the ability to travel by force of will (see below).

As a nonphysical entity, a dark side spirit is immune to physical attacks. Even to other nonphysical entities, a dark side spirit is immaterial. Any attack that relies on the dark side spirit's Defense (Move Object, for example) automatically fails.

The dark side spirit can make no physical attacks against a physical entity, nor can it be harmed by physical attacks. However, it can use Force skills to successfully attack a physical entity.

Fortitude Saves
Because the dark side spirit has no Constitution score, it is immune to any power or skill that requires a Constitution check or Fortitude save. However, when the spirit is reduced to zero wounds, it does not get a final Fortitude saving throw, the dark side spirit is automatically destroyed.

Skills and Force Skills
Skills and Force skills normally modified by Constitution are modified by Charisma instead. Because the dark side spirit still adheres to the dark side template, it retains its +4 bonus on dark side Force powers and -8 penalty on light side Force powers.

Force Powers
Force powers with physical effects (Alchemy, Force Grip, Force Push, Heal Another, Move Object, Force Lightning, and Force Whirlwind) are ineffective when used by or against a dark side spirit. The damage dealt-or vitality, wound, or ability points restored-is reduced to zero. A dark side spirit cannot use Force powers based on Constitution(Battlemind, Enhance Ability, Force Defense, Force Stealth, Heal Self , and Rage) or Force powers that cause the dark side spirit to make a Fortitude save (Dissipate Energy). Similarly, a dark side spirit is not affected by Force powers that cause it to make a Fortitude save (Drain Force and Hatred).
Gamemasters should use these rules as guidelines for other Force powers that are not listed here. Force Points: Same as the base character. A dark side spirit can spend and acquire Force Points as normal.

Dark Side Points
Same as the base character. A dark side spirit can acquire Dark Side Points as normal, but it cannot sacrifice Force points to reduce its Dark Side Points, nor reduce its Dark Side Points by performing dramatic acts of heroism. A dark side spirit is lost to the dark side for eternity.

Special Attacks
A dark side spirit retains all the special attacks of the person it was in life, although those attacks relying on physical contact are no longer effective against physical or even other nonphysical creatures. In most cases, this limits the dark side spirit to using Force skills and feats that affect a target's mind, and little else. The dark side spirit also gains a manifestation ability-it can possess the bodies of the living. See below for explanations of these latter abilities.
Manifestation: As nonphysical creatures, dark side spirits cannot affect or be affected by anything physical. When they manifest, they become audible and visible, but remain nonphysical. However, a manifested spirit can still use Force powers, as described above. Manifesting initially is considered a move action. Continuing to remain audible and visible costs the dark side spirit 1 vitality point per minute. A dark side spirit is visible and audible to other nonphysical creatures whether it manifests or not.
Possession: When dark side practitioners open themselves to the power of the dark side through the use of Sith Sorcery, they run the risk of becoming possessed by the dark side spirits they call upon. At the end of the minute during which the benefit of Sith Sorcery applies, the character using the feat must immediately attempt a Will saving throw (DC 10 + the bonus gained).
Failure means that a dark side spirit has possessed the character. In some cases, this will be a specific spirit, but if the GM does not have a dark side spirit ready, he can use one of the pre-generated dark side spirits bellow. Dark side spirits can also attempt to possess physical bodies at will. Attempting to possess a physical body is a full-round action. The target of the attempt may make a Will save (DC 5 + the dark side spirit's Charisma modifier) to prevent the possession attempt. Failure to possess the target body prevents the dark side spirit from ever attempting to possess that body again.
If the target fails its Will save, however, the dark side Spirit occupies its physical form. The dark side spirit retains its Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, level, class, base attack bonus, base save bonuses, and mental abilities (such as skills and certain feats). The body retains its Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, vitality points, wound points, and natural abilities (such as species abilities and physical feats like Ambidexterity). As a move action, the dark side spirit can exit the body. If the body is slain while it is possessed, the dark side spirit is forced out but is otherwise unharmed.
While the dark side spirit occupies the possessed body,the body's original occupant is rendered nonphysical, becoming, in effect, another dark side spirit. This new dark side spirit can attempt to repossess its former body or can target a different body.
Special qualities: A dark side spirit has all the special qualities of the base character and those described below.
Force Travel: A dark side spirit is able to use the Force to travel more or less instantaneously to any point in the galaxy, though there must be dark side energy there to act as a "beacon." The dark side spirit must already be familiar
with the destination; he cannot simply "blind jump" to a destination by targeting an artifact he has heard of, for example. To use this ability, the dark side spirit attempts a Will save:

Distance Will Save DC
Same city 0
Same continent 5
Same planet 10
Same system 15
Same sector 20
Same region 25
Same galaxy 30

This Will save is modified by the power of the dark side at the target destination:

Dark Side Power Level Save Modifier Example
Nonexistent Not possible Anything not touched by the dark side
Dim -5 A person with Dark Side Points equal to half his or her Wisdom score or less
Faint +0 A person with Dark Side Points greater than half his or her Wisdom score
Moderate +2 A person completely turned to the dark side; a weak dark side artifact
Strong +5 A place touched by the dark side; a dark side artifact
Overwhelming +8 A place infused with the dark side; a powerful dark Distance Will Save DC side artifact

Same as the base character.

Same as the base character, except that the dark side spirit has no Constitution score, and its Charisma score increases by +4. Because a dark side spirit has no Constitution, it is immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless the effect works on nonphysical targets. It is also immune to ability damage and ability drain, and always fails Constitution checks.

Dark side spirits receive a +8 species bonus on Hide, Listen, Search, and Spot checks. Otherwise, the skills are the same as those of the base character.

Same as the base character

Although the dark side spirit appears armed and garbed more or less as it did in life, wearing spirit forms of the same materials, its actual equipment does not become nonphysical and resides with its body.

Guardian Spirit

Thousands of years ago, the planet Korriban was the seat of power for the Dark Lords of the Sith Empire. Centuries before Palpatine's reign, it stood as a necropolis the size of a planet, the antithesis of the Thriving heart of the Republic, Coruscant.

Like many cultures, the Sith buried slaves, courtiers, and priests with their honored dead. Like many such belief systems, however, the ancient Sith had firsthand knowledge that the dark side would keep the souls of those crypt keepers rapped with their dead masters. Driven by hatred if those who entombed them and the madness hat is existence in the dark side, the relatively weak spirits of thousands of lesser Sith act as protectors for the remains of their superiors.

Unable to exert enough strength to possess the living, these guardian spirits animate the fleshless corpses of various tomb robbers and space pirates that have unintentionally made Korriban their final resting place. A guardian spirit looks for all the world like a walking skeleton.

Millennia of madness in the dark side drive the possessing spirit insane. Therefore, they will not, and cannot, behave as sentient beings. They attack without mercy until they are physically destroyed. Even then, the guardian spirit may jump to another skeleton and rise again. Whatever they might once have been, these guardians now exist my as mindless walking dead, hulking, shambling things that must be destroyed to remove the taint of evil.

Guardian Spirit: Dark side walking dead,
Thug 5; init -2; Defense 11 (+3 armor, -2 Dex); Spd 6m; VP/WP -/12;
+7 melee (1 d6+2, club) or
+7 melee (1 d8+2, sword) or
+7 (1 d 10+2, heavy war-axe)
1 +3 ranged; SQ Body swap, walking dead; SV Fort 3,
Ref -1, Will -l ; SZ M; DSP 8; Rep 1; Str 14, Dex Con
8, lnt 1, Wis 6, Cha 2. Challenge Code: A.
Skills: Listen +4, Spot +4.
Feats: Alertness, Toughness.
Special Qualities: Walking Dead-Guardian spirits are little more than shuffling bags of bones animated and filled with malicious intent by the dark lord. They are immune to disease, the effects of cold, and the vacuum of space. The spirit energy that drives them is no longer sentient or self-aware, so it is not as susceptible to Force mental abilities. Indeed, they simply continue to obey the last command they received in life by protecting the necropolis from intruders. Since more of their guardian spirit's body is missing than present, they become harder to hit with certain types of primitive (weapons. If a weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage hits a guardian spirit, the damage is cut in half (rounded down).
Body Swap-if a guardian spirit is destroyed any another corpse (no matter how fresh) is within 10 meters, the spirit attempts to possess the other body. (In the case of more than one corpse, chooses randomly.) The spirit makes a Will save against D1 10. If the save succeeds, the ghostly energy move into this new body. This possession by the dark side literally melts the flesh off the corpse. The new guardian spirit immediately takes on the characteristics of the original guardian spirit (no matter what the body was in life). This attempt is automatic in response to the destruction of the guardian spirit. If no body is nearby or the Will save fails, the dark side energy dissipates and the spirit is
truly destroyed.

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