Dark Armor

Those who fall to the dark side know that their greatest enemies will be Jedi. Any given Jedi might be a match for the darksider, so to tip the scales of battle, the darksider needs an edge-a way to withstand damage better than his Jedi opponent can. For many, armor provides the best advantage.

Dark armor is nearly always created to meet the specific needs of the wearer. The material and design varies from wearer to wearer. Some suits are crude and heavy, while others are elegant and light. A few seem almost decorative. Almost all of them are alchemically treated during their construction to achieve certain effects desired by the wearer, from additional protection against blasters and lightsabers to extra resistance
against certain forms of attack.

Dark armor is never simply found; those who wear it almost always take it with them to the grave. It is often destroyed when they are. The Gamemaster should only allow characters to find dark armor in ancient burial vaults, or at least require them to loot it from the bodies of vanquished foes. In either case, taking the armor should not be a simple task. Burial vaults have traps and guards, and the foe should have been enough of a challenge to make the acquisition of his armor a difficult proposition. Alternatively, though, the GM May allow characters to construct their own dark armor.

Creating Dark Armor

Characters who have begun the journey to the dark side may wish to construct their own dark armor. This requires the Craft (armor) skill, though some other skills are needed to create certain components the character may desire to incorporate (see below). The character chooses one of the armor types listed on Table 7-3: Armor in the Star Wars Roleplaying Game as the basis for his or her dark armor, then creates that armor using the Craft Skill. Additional features can then be chosen from the table below (or designed with the cooperation of the GM) and constructed using the rules in this section. Many suits of dark armor also incorporate ordinary technological devices, such as breath masks, comlinks,
and motion sensors; these can all be installed after the armor has been constructed and modified.

Cortosis Weave
This substance is made using the Craft skill. A character decides whether to incorporate Cortosis weave into armor when he begins crafting it. (This modification cannot be added to a completed suit of armor.) This increases the cost of the armor by 15,000 credits and adds 5,000 credits to the cost of raw materials. The character then makes a Craft roll for each week of work; on a failed roll, half of the raw materials-including the materials for the original armor-are ruined and must be replaced.

Damage Reduction
A character cannot add damage reduction to a completed suit of armor. He must decide whether to incorporate it when he begins crafting the armor. The price of materials on Table 4-2 doesn't add to the work-value of the suit of armor. Instead, after building the suit of armor, the character buys 10,000 credits (for damage resistance 5) or 25,000 credits (for damage resistance 16 of alchemical materials and makes a final Alchemy check. This last Alchemy check represents one week of work; on a failed roll, half of the materials are ruined-including those used in the original suit of armor-and must be replaced

Special Price
Some dark armor special qualities have a special price: They require dark side energy. To add these features, the character forging the dark armor spends 1 Force Point and makes an Alchemy check against the DC given on Table 4-2. This represents one week of meditation and arcane alchemical processes; on a failed roll, the raw materials aren't ruined, but the Force Point is still lost.

Table: 4-2 Dark Armor Special Qualities
Special Quality Effect Price Skill, DC
Cortosis weave Deactivates any lightsaber that damages the wearer 15,000 Craft (armor)*, DC 25
Damage reduction 5 Not cumulative with other DR 10,000 alchemy-skill Alchemy, DC 20
Damage reduction 10 Not cumulative with other DR 25,000 alchemy-skill Alchemy, DC 30
Dark side energy +2 Force bonus on saves against light side Force powers or any Force power augmented by a light side Force Point Special alchemy-skill Alchemy, DC 20
Dark side stealth +2 equipment bonus on saves against See Force and Telepathy Special alchemy-skill Alchemy, DC 25
Increased might +2 Force bonus to Strength Strength alchemy-skill Alchemy, DC 25

*Originally, cortosis alloys were only possible through the Alchemy skill, and in Old Republic era campaigns the GM might rule that the skill check should be Alchemy rather than Craft (armor).But since the Rise of the Empire, various technicians have unraveled the exceedingly arduous methods by which cortosis fibers can be woven into certain alloys, though the process is still extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Examples of Dark Armor

Some examples of dark armor are described below.

Dark Combat Jumpsuit
Worn by the ancient Sith warrior Larad Noon, this heavily padded jumpsuit incorporated Cortosis weave that wreaked havoc with any lightsaber audacious enough to slice into it. Its +5 defense bonus was augmented with dark side stealth, providing Larad Noon with a +2 equipment bonus on saves made against See Force and Telepathy. The total cost for this suit of dark armor was 16,500 credits and 1 Force Point.

Dark Padded Battle Armor
Worn and crafted by the dark side marauder Kaox Krul around the time of the Battle of Ruusan, its protective padding and composite plates provided a defense bonus of +6 and damage reduction 5. The armor was also imbued with dark side energy, granting a +2 Force bonus on saves made against light side Force powers or any Force power augmented by a light side Force Point. The total cost for this suit of dark armor was 12,000 credits and 1 Force Point.

Dark Heavy Battle Armor
Worn and crafted by the fearsome Belia Darzu-one of the Sith Lords who kept the Sith cult alive before the Battle of Ruusanthis heavily plated armor provided a defense bonus of +9 and damage reduction 10. Darzu also imbued her armor with dark side stealth to keep her hidden (+2 equipment bonus on saves made against See Force and Telepathy) and increased might (+2 Force bonus to Strength) to boost her physical power. The total cost for this suit of dark armor was 37,000 credits and 2 Force Points.

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