Control Feat

You can access your inner Force, using it to better utilize the powers of your own body.

Prerequisite: Force-Sensitive, Force Level 1st+

Benefit: You may learn Control-based Force skills. Once this feat is selected, Control-based Force skills are considered to be class skills for you.

With this feat, you can use the following skills untrained: Force Defense, Force Stealth, and Heal Self.

Force Trance: Also, you may enter a Force trance that slows your metabolism, allowing for you to survive for extended periods of time with very little air, water, or food. You may enter a trance at will; doing this requires a full-round action. It also takes a full-round action to awaken from the trance. While in a trance, your heartbeat slows, your breathing all but ceases, and you appear to be dead. (Use of the Sense-based skill See Force will identify the target as being in a trance, though the DC is increased by 5.) A character in a Force trance uses only 10% as much air as a sleeping person and needs no food or water for and extend period of time. For the purposes of natural healing, a Force trance is the equivalent of assisted healing (see Healing, page 160).

When entering a trance, the character must declare the circumstances under which the trance will end. Examples include a time limit or a certain stimulus (such as being touched). A character in a trance is not conscious of his or her surroundings and may not use any skills or abilities.

A character can remain in a trance for up to one week in a dry climate or up to one month in a wet climate before succumbing to thirst. If a character can stay hydrated (via an intravenous drip, for example), he could remain in a trance for up to three months before dying of starvation.

Prolong Force: Also, you may continue to use Force skills after you run out of vitality points by powering them with wound points. You must be reduced to 0 vitality points to use this option. A wound point provides twice the power of a vitality point, so all cost are halved (round up, minimum of 1). For example, a Force skill that costs 5 vitality points can be powered with 3 wound points, provided you are totally out of vitality points.

Normal: With out this feat, you can’t learn Control-based Force skills.

Special: A character from any Force-using classes can select the feat for free with the Force training class feature, or a Force-user can select this feat earlier, then no bonus feat is gained when the character reaches the level at which the Force training would provide Control free.

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