Cover (pg 163)

Degree of Cover AC Bonus Ref Save
1/4 +2 +1
1/2 +4 +2
¾ +7 +3
9/10 +10 +4

*1/2 damage on a failed save/no damage on a successful save

Concealment (pg 163)

Concealment Example Miss Chance
1/4 Light Fog 10%
1/2 Dense Fog 20%
3/4 Dense Foliage 30%
9/10 Near Darkness 40%
Total Total Darkness 50%

Combat Modifiers (pg 162)

Circumstance Melee Ranged
Attacker flanking defender +2 -
Attacker on higher ground +1 +0
Attacker prone -4 +0
Attacker concealed +2* +2*
Defender kneeling/sitting +2 see cover
Defender prone +4 see cover
Defender stunned, cowering or off balance +2* +2*
Defender climbing +2* +2*
Defender surprised/flatfooted +0* +0*
Defender running +0* -2*
Defender grappling +0* +0**
Defender pinned +4* -4
  • The defender loses any Dexterity bonuses to defense

** Roll randomly to determine which grappling combatant you strike. Defender loses any dexterity bonuses to defense

Range Penalty (pg 134)

For each full range increment of distance between attacker and defender, there is a -2 modifier on the attack roll. 10 Maximum Range increments.

Fight Defensively (pg 156)

When making a full attack you may chose to fight defensively. -4 to all attacks to gain a +2 dodge bonus to defense. This increases to +3 if you have 5 ranks in Tumble.

Total Defense (pg 153)

+4 dodge bonus to Defense for 1 round, but you may not attack. If you have 5 ranks in Tumble this increases to +6.

Charge (pg 156)

You must move at least 4 meters (up to double your move) all in a straight line. For the next round you have a +2 attack & -2 Defense.

Ready an Action (pg 164)

As an attack action, you may prepare any move or attack action that will occur later in the round. You must specify the circumstance which will trigger the readied action.

Disarm (pg 169)

Defender gets an attack of opportunity
In a melee attack, make opposed attack roll. +4 for each size difference to larger weapon, +4 to defender if their weapon is two handed.
If defender loses, he is disarmed. If attacker lose, the defender may attempt to disarm the attacker.

Aid Another (pg 167)

Make an attack against Defense 10, if you succeed, an ally who is attacking an opponent you threaten can take either +2 to their attack or +2 circumstance bonus to their defense against that opponent

Overrun (pg 171)

During the Move Portion of a charge, you can try to move past an opponent. Opponent may avoid or block.
If opponent tries to block, make a trip attack against him, if you succeed you can continue moving.
If you fail and are tripped, you are prone in the defender’s square
If you fail but are not tripped, move back 2m. If that square is occupied, you fall prone in it.

Bantha Rush (pg 169)

Move into opponents square. Provokes an attack of Opportunity.
Make opposed strength check. (+/- 4 for each size category above/below medium). +2 bonus for charging, defender gets +4 for having more than 2 legs or being extraordinarily stable.
If you succeed, push the defender back 2m. You can move with the defender back an extra 1 m for every 3 points you exceed the defenders result. If you fail move back 2 m.

Combined Fire (pg 161)

If a group wishes to make a ranged attack at a single opponent they can combine fire. For each character who contributes to the effort the primary shooter gains a +1 synergy bonus (up to a +5). The contributing characters give up their attacks to increase the primary shooter’s chances. Combining fire is a full round action for everyone involved.

Attacking an Object (pg 168)

AC = 5 + size mod.
Size Mod
Colossal -8
Gigantic -4
Huge -2
Large -1
Small +1
Tiny +2
Diminutive +4
Fine +8

To strike an object held/carried by an opponent. Defense = 15 + size mod + Dex mod + class bonus.
To strike an object worn by an opponent. Defense = 10 + size mod + Dex mod + class bonus.

Damage to Object
Material DR WP
Durasheet 0 1 per cm
Rope 0 1 per cm
Glass 1 1 per 2cm
Wood 5 4 per cm
Stone 8 6 per cm
Metal 10 12 per cm
Heavy Metal 15 12 per cm

Trip (pg 171)

You can only trip an opponent who is up to 1 size category larger than you
Make a melee touch attack
If attacker succeeds make a STR check vs opponents STR or DEX (which ever is higher). Each takes +/- 4 for every size category difference from medium. Defender gets a +4 for more than 2 legs or being extraordinarily stable.
If you win, opponent is tripped. If you lose, opponent may make a STR check against your STR or DEX (which ever is higher) to trip you.

Suppression Fire (Hero’s Guide pg 134)

A Full Round Action. Make a ranged attack roll against a DC 10 to target a 4m x 4m area. You now threaten this area, and all melee and ranged attacks in this area provoke attacks of opportunity from you.

Grapple (pg 170)

Grapple Check = base attack + STR Mod + special size mod
Special size Mod:
Colossal +16
Gargantuan +12
Huge +8
Large +4
Small -4
Tiny -8
Diminutive -12
Fine -16

To start, grab an opponent (melee touch attack). Provokes attack of opportunity.
If attack succeeds attack and opponent make opposed grapple checks to start grapple.
If succeeds, move into target’s space.

You can join a grapple with no AoO from target and grab automatically succeeds.
When grappled, make opposed grapple check as an attack to any of the following:
Deal damage as a normal unarmed attack
Pin target or break the pin

Can attack with light weapons when grappled
Escape artist check vs grapple check to wriggle free as an attack action.
While grappling you lose your DEX mod to Defense against opponents you aren’t grappling
You do not threaten area, nor can you make AoO.

Coup De Grace (pg 164)

As a Full Round Action you can use a melee weapon to deliver or a coup de grace or use a ranged weapon if you’re in an adjacent square. You automatically hit and score a critical hit. If the opponent survives, he must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 +damage) or die.

Multifire and Autofire Penalties (pg 168)

Multifire Weapon: -4/-4
Multifire Weapon w/ Rapid Shot: -6/-6/-6
Multifire Weapon w/ Multishot: -2/-2
Multifire Weapon w/ both Feats: -4/-4/-4
Autofire Weapon: -6/-6/-6
Autfire Weapon w/ Rapid Shot: -8/-8/-8/-8
Autofire Weapon w/ Multishot: -4/-4/-4
Autofire Weapon w/ Both Feats: -6/-6/-6/-6

  • apply the penalty to all bonus attacks.

Called Shots (Galactic Campaign Guide pg 39)

Location Defense Bonus Additional Effects
Arm* +9 Will Save DC 10 or drop held object
Leg* +7 Will Save DC 10 or fall prone
Torso +2 Will Save DC 10 or stunned 1round
Head* +13 Fort Save DC 20 or stunned 1d6 rounds
Hand* +13 Ref Save DC 20 or drop held object
Foot* +13 Ref Save DC 20 or fall prone
  • When defender is unaware -5 from the Defense Bonus to any location

Aiming (Hero’s Guide pg 133)

As a full round action you may aim with a range weapon (may not be a thrown weapon). To aim make a ranged touch attack. If successful, the target is denied its DEX bonus to defense for your next attack. If the target moves more than 2m, he regains he DEX mod.

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