The Krayt Dragons:

Name: Tau Lan
Class: Jedi Sentinel (3), Jedi Watchman.Jedi Shadow (2)
Race: Kaminoan
Origin: Kamino

Name: Aldren Muad'dib
Class: Jedi Consular (5), Jedi Artisan (0)
Race: human
Origin: Espirion
Backstory: Aldren Muad'Ib was taken from his parent's at a young age of 3. As a young infant, Aldren grew curious of his surroundings. At a young age, he understood how to speak the Tusken Raider's language, and Galactic Basic, and soon after being taken by the Jedi order and meeting a Wookiee within his initiate group, learned how to speak Shyriiwook. Taken by Jedi Master Jocasta Nu for his thirst of knowledge as a padawan, and was later decided to be a future Jedi Scholar and even Jedi Artisan, for his curiosity about the Force, lightsabers and knowledge of the world around him, after he was decidedly placed into the Jedi Consular. Gifted as a intellectual and praised for his diplomatic prowess, was sent on missions by the Jedi Order that required more finesse than fighting ability.

Name: Saree Ka
Class: Tech Specialist (2), Scoundrel (3)
Race: Togruta
Origin: Outer Rim

Name: Rrofful
Class: Soldier (4), Martial Arts Master (0)
Race: Wookiee
Origin: Kashyyyk
Backstory: Rrofful is the younger brother of Tarfful. Always overshadowed by his brother and their great ancestor Garfful, Rrofful has left Kashyyyk in to seek his own glory among the stars. He is still completely loyal to his home, but he doesn't like talking about his family for fear of being compared to his perfect brother. When he succeeds he tends over-celebrate, and when he or his team fails he goes into a deep funk, during which no sane person should disturb him. He tends to blame himself for mistakes he didn't even make. His most common thought is, "Why didn't I do better?" This thought may also cause him to hesitate in battle. He hopes that by studying the ancient Wookiee martial art of Wrruushi, he can not only gain fame but also calm his unsteady mind.

Name: HK-47
Class: Assassin Droid (3)
Race: Droid
Origin: created by Revan
Backstory: HK-47 was the original assassin droid of Revan and was built almost 4000 years ago. Having been downloaded, uploaded, and sustaining multiple memory wipes, HK-47 has proven to be unstoppable. The most recent endeavors of the unstoppable badass was a reincarnation of his memory core being found in a crashed ship on Mustafar by the Separatists during the Clone Wars. After reactivating the droid, they were impressed by his destructive power and decided to start integrating his tech into their battle droids, creating the next generation of HK droids. HK-47 was uploaded to the crashed ship’s subsystems, where he slowly started taking over systems. The scientists disconnected the ship from the factory before he could cause damage, or so they thought. HK managed to upload a copy of his memory core into an empty chassis and returned to his ongoing quest to find his master: Revan. Despite the fact that the Jedi had been dead for thousands of years, HK-47 continued his journey, retracing the steps of both Revan and the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik. He was investigating Nar Shadaa when he was ambushed by thugs and almost destroyed. HK was found by Saree Ka in a scrap pile when he recognized it as an assassin droid. After rebuilding the droid and giving HK a new paint job, they’ve been traveling together for the past year. Special modifications on HK include removal of its remote processor and the addition of: magnetic feet, rust inhibitor, environmental compensator for sand, locked access, DC 15 translator unit, eletroshock probe, infrared sensor, and improved sensor package.

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