Character Creation

1.) Ability Scores: There are 3 generally accepted ways to roll character stats.

  • Roll 3d6: There are a few ways to go about this. The book recommends 4d6 and drop the lowest. Rolling 2d6 and adding 6 is also acceptable, as well as rolling natural 3d6s.
  • Standard Score Package: Start with 15, 14, 13, 12, and 8
  • Point Buy: Instead of rolling for your stats, you can opt to buy stats with points. You have 25 points to spend, and scores start at 8

2.) Species: Your species can be any from the Core Rulebook, or Ultimate Alien Anthology (at GM discretion).

3.) Class: Any class listed in the class page. Any prestige class is available as long as the character meets the classes requirements.

4.) Vitality Points: Characters will get maximum vitality points for first level and roll for additional levels

5.) Skills: Any skill listed in the skill or force skill page. (Craft and Profession will be used to a limited degree for income between adventures, but standard income will come through the adventures.)

6.) Feats: Any feat listed in the feat or force feat page.

7.) Credits and Equipment: Characters will have the maximum starting credits for their chosen class. At this time the only pieces of equipment not allowed for purchase are lightsabers and equipment that is outside the scope of the time frame (Stormtrooper equipment, advanced ships or droids, etc.).

8.) Heroic Characteristics: This covers an array of what your character can do based on the choices made above.

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