Major Site: The Cave on Dagobah

On the planet Dagobah, a dark side site of great power and significance hides deep within an endless swamp. The site is a cave that stretches beneath the roots of a massive gnarltree. Legends associate the creation of this dark side site with the Dark Jedi of Bpfassh who once terrorized the systems of the Sluis sector. Regardless of its origin, the cave pulsed with the power of the dark side of the Force.

Master Yoda used this cave as a test for Luke Skywalker during the young man's Jedi training. Just the sight of the place made Luke tremble. "There's something not right here," Luke tells Yoda. "1 feel cold, death."

Yoda agrees. "That place … is strong with the dark side of the Force," he explains to his student. "A domain of evil it is. In you must go."

When Luke asks what's inside the cave, Yoda answers, "Only what you take with you."

The dangers of the dark side cave on Dagobah aren't physical in nature. Instead, the cave plays on the fears and desires of those who come within the range of its influence, seeking to tempt or frighten them with strange visions and dire predictions, The interior of the underground cave is wet and slimy. It is dark and quiet. Here, amid the dangling roots and deep shadows, the dark side generates illusions to play upon the doubts and fears of those who enter the cave.

Using a Dark Side Cave in Your Campaign

Since Dagobah isn't a planet that gets a lot of visitors, you might want to use the cave as a model for another site on a location more in keeping with the needs of your campaign. A dark side cave tests those who enter, attempting to lure them or frighten them into embracing the dark side. Under careful, controlled conditions (as when Yoda watched over Luke Skywalker), the cave can serve as a test of the character's resolve and moral fiber. Luke, for example, failed the test of the cave by relying on his weapons instead of his Jedi training. The test pulled from Luke his greatest fear Darth Vader. He was also shown a vision of a possible future, seeing his own face within Darth Vader's helmet.

When a Force-sensitive character enters a dark side cave, his or her fears and desires provide the basis for the test to come. The dark side draws either from the character's fear or desire, manifesting an appropriate illusion. When confronted by this extremely realistic illusion, the character must make a Will saving throw (DC 15 + the number of Dark Side Points the character has). If the save fails, the character gains a Dark Side Point. If the save succeeds, the character overcomes the dark side and gains a Force Point (or reduces the number of Dark Side Points he or she has by one).

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