Bothan Spynet

Prestige Classes



Information is power, and the Bothan Spy Network deals in information, collecting, collecting, trading, and selling it to select customers$-$particularly, but not exclusively, the Rebel Alliance. Strongly anti-Imperial, the Bothan Spynet operates in almost total secrecy, with agents of a variety of species located all over the galaxy. Like most of Bothan society, the purpose of the Spynet is to further the goals of the Bothan people: power and prestige, certainly, but more importantly, the Bothan way of life. Its members, subsequently, do whatever it takes to provide a steady flow of valuable information, and thus, income.

Bothan Spynet Sympathy

The Bothan Spynet is not keen on using freelance operatives, but it certainly doesn't turn its back on those who aid them in their efforts. Certainly if one is of a mind to do favors for a galaxy-spanning organization, the Bothan Spynet is a good candidate. What they do not pay in hard currency they can provide out of their stock-in-trade: information. Of course, once the Bothans have paid, the debt is settled; good will only goes so far in the information brokerage business.


Joining the Bothan Spynet requires Bothan Spynet Sympathy +3

Leaving the Bothan Spynet

Leaving the Bothan Spynet results in the loss of 1 point of Bothan Spynet Sympathy. The character may find herself called to duty even after "leaving," however.

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