Blastech T-21 Light Repeating Blaster

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The archetypical light repeating blaster, this weapon is identifiable by its two sets of focusing coils, one next to the targeting sensor and one at the muzzle itself.

The T-21 uses a standard power pack, which has enough energy for 30 shots. lt may also be plugged into a separate power source, giving it effectivety unlimited ammunition (at the expense of mobility).

The weapon is susceptible to the extreme heat of autofire. Internal cooling units keep the downtime to a minimum, but the weapon is not made for long-term firefight

Damage 3d8 Cost 2000
Range Increment 40 m Critical 19-20
Fort DC* 18 Weight 4.5 kg
M/A M/A Only Type E
Hardness 5 Size Medium
Availability P/M Break DC 20

Special: Autofire puts this weapon under severe stress. In each subsequent round of continuous autofire after the first, roll 1 d20 and add + 1 to the die roll for each additional round after the first. A result of 10 or higher means the weapon becomes inoperative for 1 d6 rounds.

  • For Stun Mode
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