Blastech 500 Espo Riot Gun

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A compact, short-barreled blaster ritle with an open-frame stock, the BlasTech 500 was designed for dealing with large crowds. lts design swaps accuracy for the ability to hit something-anything- in its field of fire. Cynics refer to this as "Corporate Sector logic" -when in doubt, shoot into a crowd.

The BlasTech 500 is manufactured exclusively within the Corporate Sector, for use by the Corporate Sector Security Division-better known as the ESPOs. These security officers usually fire their weapons on full automatic, so the limitation of the BlasTech 500 is not as severely felt.

Damage 3d8+1 Cost 1000
Range Increment 30 m Critical 19-20
Fort DC* 16 Weight 4.5 kg
M/A M/A Type E
Hardness 5 Size Medium
Availability S/M Break DC 17

Special: This weapon provides a -2 penalty on attack rolls
when not in autofire mode.

  • For Stun Mode
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