Black Sun Criminal Syndicate

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Anyone who says that the Hutts are a leading example of organized crime has never heard of the Black Sun. Black Sun differs from the Hutt criminal syndicate chiefly in that, not being a sovereign state, it operates covertly, and it does so with the tacit approval of the Emperor himself. Black Sun deals in information, much like the Bothan Spynet, but the Black Sun acquires it in a much more aggressive and ruthless fashion. Through blackmail, coercion, intimidation, and sometimes assassination, the Black Sun learns what others would rather keep secret$-$then uses those very same techniques to turn information into credits.

In the Rebellion era, the leader of the Black Sun, the Falleen Prince Xizor, has close ties with the Emperor$-$almost as close as Darth Vader's. As such, Xizor is perhaps the third most powerful person in the galaxy. To increase his standing, he constantly plots and schemes Darth Vader's downfall$-$just as Vader plots against Xizor's. Emperor Palpatine, meanwhile, plays one against the other, perhaps to keep two such powerful individuals from allying against him. Prince Xizor, though, could never share control of the galaxy with another, and so whether he was to work with Vader or against the Emperor, or the Emperor against Vader, the day would soon come when he would have to remove the survivor from the equation.

Assisting Xizor in his rise to power is his lovely aide Guri$-$a cunningly designed Human replica droid virtually indistinguishable from a real [[Human Species | Human]]] woman. Xizor is the hidden power behind Black Sun, and Guri is his bodyguard and personal enforcer.

No one can truly say when or where the Black Sun Criminal Syndicate came into being; it seems to have been a fact of life for as long as any underworld figure can remember. Prince Xizor is certainly not its first leader, though he is most definitely its best. Black Sun has at times dealt in arms, spice, liquor, slaves, kidnapping, extortion, bounties, contract killings, and credit laundering. All of this business is conducted right under the nose of the authorities$-$Prince Xizor's palace on Imperial Center is not far from the Emperor's palace, in fact. Indeed, the Empire is one of Black Sun's best customers.

What Imperial Intelligence cannot discover for itself, Prince Xizor's operatives often can garner with ease. Because Black Sun frequently gathers information through blackmail and coercion, it has informants not only within the Rebel Alliance but also the Corporate Sector, Hutt Space, and even the Unknown Regions. Perhaps the only organization they have not been able to successfully infiltrate is the Bothan Spynet$-$their only real competition in the field of galactic intelligence$-$which might explain why no cover identity is ever good enough to get past them.

Like the Bothan Spynet, Black Sun conducts its business in secret. Its members might be well known individuals, but they lead double-lives, and their real agenda is known only to the Black Sun. Prince Xizor expects his operaties to exercise extreme discretion, or brace for the consequences$-$and he is not generally considered to be a forgiving person. The rewards for good service, on the other hand, are great: even a lowly street thug, with diligence and loyalty and the proper amount of initiative, can rise to the rank of vigo, or lieutenant, in Black Sun. And rank, especially in Black sun, carries many privileges.

Black Sun Sympathy

Black Sun pays well for profitable information. Because of the secretive nature of the criminal syndicate, they prefer that most of their informants never know where their information is going. Black sun employs all manner of individuals with handy skills, from speeder drivers to assassins, and often never use the same person twice. The only real drawback to such well-paying, light work is that curiosity is an undesirable trait in contract employees, and those who see just a bit too much are liable to quietly disappear in the middle of the night.


Permanent agents of the Black Sun criminal syndicate are actually no more inherently long lasting than the temporary kind; the only difference is that they get a steady pay chit from the Black Sun for as long as they survive. The work is often dangerous, since taking advantage of illicit information frequently means strapping on a blaster and taking what belongs to someone else$-$and the rightful owner all too often objects. Black Sun is no place for people who don't want to get their hands dirty; even Prince Xizor sometimes deals with matters personally. Black Sun is an organization that rewards ambition, initiative, ability, and ruthlessness in equal measure, and the more one is willing to advance through coercion, deceit and brutality, the farther she will go.

Black Sun recruits almost entirely out of its pool of temporary labor. Its existence is a closely guarded secret$-$a rumor at best$-$so aspiring members cannot simply seek out a known Black Sun operative for an interview. Instead, Black Sun slowly brings the new member deeper into the organization until she is in too deep to back out.

In fact, because Black Sun is a criminal organization that uses ill-gotten information to coordinate illegal activities, one might say that the job interview never really ends. Any failure$-$to complete one's assigned tasks, to pay proper respect to one's superiors, and above all, to keep quiet about Black Sun and it's activities$-$is met with stern and sometimes lethal punishment.

Joining the Black Sun criminal syndicate requires Black Sun Sympathy +2.

Leaving the Black Sun Criminal Syndicate

No one has ever managed to "resign" from the Black Sun. Membership is for life, and leaving the Black Sun$-$especially following some transgression$-$is effectively a request for execution. Some members have tried to run and hide, only to discover that Black Sun's agents can find and kill nearly anyone, nearly anywhere. The only way to survive separation from Black Sun is to contract a debilitating illness or injury$-$unpleasant options at best. Otherwise, one can best hope to make a suitable living from Black Sun for as long as possible, and eventually die quietly in one's sleep.

Should a character survive such a defection, leaving the Black Sun criminal syndicate results in the loss of all Black Sun Sympathy.

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