Bimm Race

The Near-Human Bimms differed from the Human norm primarily in their short stature (1.0 to 1.5 meters for adults of both sexes.) Near-Human Bimms were often said to resemble Human children, though males frequently (and proudly) grew full beards. Xenobiologists believed that the Near-Human Bimms arrived on Bimmisaari from a nearby planet eons before the rise of the Galactic Empire, and adopted the culture of the original Bimm species. No other animal species on Bimmisaari was related to them genetically.


Attributes: +2 Charisma
Size: Small
Speed: 5 meters
Friendly: After 20 consecutive rounds of interaction with an NPC, a Bimm gets a +5 to Diplomacy checks to try to change the NPC's mood
Good Businessmen: +5 to diplomacy checks to sell items
Good Natured: Loses all other racial bonuses with an evil alignment or if having any dark side points
Lawful: Loses all other racial bonuses if a chaotic alignment

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