Balosar Race

The Balosar's antennapalps allowed them to listen into the subsonic range. Their antennapalps also gave the species a physical intuition, which the Jedi sometimes mistook for Force sensitivity. Their antennapalps could also sense surges in emotion and could detect danger. They used these abilities to help them survive on their crime-infested world.

Balosars were also resistant to toxin, despite their frail physiques. This immunity can be attributed to their planet's polluted atmosphere, giving them a high resistance. A Balosar reached adulthood at age 16. Average life expectancy for a Balosar was roughly 65 years.

Attributes: -2 Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 10 meters
Intuition: +3 to initiative
Empathy: +6 to all Sense Motive checks
Detect Danger: When about to be caught flat footed or attacked by a hidden attacker, a Balosar can roll a spot check with a DC or the attacker's attack roll to retain their dexterity bonus to defense
Resist Poison: +5 to fortitude saves against poison

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