In many cases, the dark hero doesn't want or need the help of the other player characters, Indeed, the dark hero has no desire to give up the power of the dark side and return to the light-at least not at any conscious level. Darth Vader actively worked against Luke Skywalker's efforts to redeem him, going so far as to help the Emperor's attempt to turn Luke to the dark side. This same kind of struggle probably occupies the characters in your campaign. Even so, while the dark hero may feel this way, the dark hero's player might want to work with the other players and the Gamernaster to find a way to bring the character back to the light.

A tainted character can atone, spending Force Points to reduce the number of Dark Side Points he possesses. For each Force Point sacrificed in this manner, the tainted hero reduces his Dark Side Point total by 1. This represents a period of meditation, reflection, and absolution on the part of the character. A dark character can't atone. He must find redemption by turning away from the dark side and performing an act of dramatic heroism without calling upon the dark side of the Force. This act requires extreme personal cost and must be made in a selfless manner, thus providing a significant benefit to the galactic balance. This act does not gain the character a Force Point.

If the dark hero finds redemption (and doesn't die in the attempt), then his Dark Side Point total is reduced to one less than half his Wisdom score. He has been redeemed, but the threat of the dark side continues to loom until he also atones (to further reduce his Dark Side Point total). A dark hero who finds redemption must "trade in" levels of dark side prestige classes for levels of Force adept, Jedi consular, or Jedi guardian on a one-for-one basis. This must be done at the time of redemption to show that the character is committed to returning to the Light.

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