Athakam II Med Unit

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A Med Unit is a 2-meter-long automated couch that is
better than a medical kit but not as useful as a full medical droid. When a patient is placed within the Med Unit, it immediately begins lo analyze the patient's condition, displaying any information it gains about wounds,diseases, and poisons the patient is suffering from. This takes 1 full round. The Med Unit then begins treating the patient with robotic arms and an internal supply of medical materials.

The Med Unit is designed to provide a minimal level of aid for any user, regardless of medical training. When activated, the Med Unit makes a Treat Injury check as though il were an individual with a medpac, a medical kit, and a +4 Treat Injury skill modifier.

A character with real medical skill can use the Med Unit to assist in her use of the Treat Injury skill. Make a Treat lnjury check (DC 10) for the Med Unit; if successful, the unit provides the user a +2 bonus on the user's Treat lnjury check, in addition to equipping him with a medpac and medical kit.

A Med Unit uses medpacs in its treatment of a patient. A character that has already been treated with a medpac within the past 24 hours docs not gain the benefit of a medpac, but may benefit from other uses of the Treat lnjury skill. A Med Unit comes with enough materials for ten treatments requiring medpacs, after which the medpacs must be refilled (at the standard cost per medpac). A Med Unit may use mastercrafted medpacs as well as FastFlesh medpacs (see below), although these must be purchased separately.

Cost Weight Availability
3,000 20 kg Common
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