Alter Feat

You can change the distribution and nature of the Force in your environment.

Prerequisite: Force-Sensitive, Force level 1st +

Benefit: You may learn Alter-based Force skills. Once this feat is selected, Alter-based Force skills are considered to be class skills for you.

With this feat, you can use the following skills untrained: Affect Mind, Drain Energy, Force Grip, Force Light, Force Lightning, Force Strike, Heal Another, and Move Object. If the use of a particular skill has a Dark Side Point penalty, you gain a Dark Side Point even though you used the skill untrained.

Normal: Without this feat, you can’t learn Alter-based Force skills.

Special: A character from any Force-using classes can select the feat for free with the Force training class feature, or a Force-user can select this feat earlier, then no bonus feat is gained when the character reaches the level at which the Force training would provide Alter free.

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