Alchemy Skill

Alchemy (Int)
Dark Side Skill; Trained Only; Requires the Force-Sensitive and Sith Sorcery feats
You are trained in the dark side’s alchemical arts. You may use ancient Sith equipment, along with arcane formulae, to alter the molecular composition of living beings, creating mutants steeped in the dark side – and bound to your will. You can also reshape inanimate matter, making it sharper or stronger, as the ancient Sith frequently did with weapons and armor.

Check: Altering the physical appearance of a living being (to a more horrific appearance) requires no skill check. All changes wrought by applications of dark side Alchemy result in horrific physical mutations. Any task that alters a fundamental aspect of the subject requires an Alchemy check. Not that altering multiple aspects requires multiple checks.

DC Alteration
15 Add claws (1d6 + Strength modifier)
15 Add fangs (1d4 + Strength modifier)
15 Add horns; subject gains gore attack (-2 to attack, 2d4 + Str mod) in addition to its normal attacks
20 Grant Darkvision (20m)
20 -2 penalty on Will saves to resist your commands
20 Add +2 m to speed (maximum speed equals twice base speed)
20 Add +3 to Defense (treat as natural armor)*
25 Increase or decrease size by one category*
25 +1 Str/-1 Dex, Int, and Cha
25 +1 Str/-1 Int, Wis, and Cha
25 +1 Dex/-1 Str, Con, and Wis
25 +1 Dex/-1 Con, Int, and Cha
25 +1 Con/-1 Dex, Int, and Wis
25 +1 Con/-1 Dex, Wis, and Cha
25 +1 Int/-1 Str or Con
25 +1 Wis/-1 Str or Con
25 +1 Cha/-1 Int or Wis
*Each additional alteration increases the DC by 5.

Retry: Yes, but each attempt gives you another Dark Side Point. In addition, the subject may perish as a result of the mutation (see below).

Special: Using this skill requires thousands of credits worth of alchemical equipment and raw materials (in addition to a subject). The cost for using the skill on a particular subject is 10,000 credits; each additional use of the skill on that same subject consumes an additional 500 credits worth of raw material.

The metamorphosis is extremely physically taxing – perhaps even fatal. Each alteration deals 3d6 damage to the subject. The subject must attempt a Fortitude saving throw, with the same DC as the DC for the alteration. If the Fortitude save fails, the damage is applied against the subject’s wound points (as with a critical hit).

Time: Each check requires 1 minute and gives the user 1 Dark Side Point.

Vitality Point Cost: 5

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