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In the Adumari nation of Cartann, the blastsword is a weapon used by skilled warriors as a means of settling a dispute. The weapon itself resembles a typical vibroblade, like the traditional rapier weapon used by Outer Rim pirates. It has a curved metal guard above the hilt of the sword, protecting the bearer's hand from the weapon's energy. The blade becomes sharp a few centimeters above the guard, but the real deadliness of the weapon is in its tip. When powered up, the weapon, a small flared nozzle, will fire off the equivalent of a blaster bolt when it comes into contact with a solid surface. In the words of Wes Janson, "It's like a blaster you have to hit someone with." Blastswords are seen as elegant dueling weapons, used in Cartann high society. The use of the blastsword is a sport, a type of fencing with various styles of use, from "vulgar" gutterfighting involving fists and feet as well as the sword, to the high-society elegant style.

Damage 3d6 (blaster bolt)/2d4 (blade) Cost 500
Range Increment 2 m Critical 19-20
Fort DC* - Weight 2 kg
M/A M Type S/E
Hardness 5 Size Medium
Availability R Break DC 17

Notes: In order to fire the blaster bolt, the weapon must strike a solid object first. If the object struck and the target of the blaster bolt are not the same, it requires multiple attacks.

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