Action IV Light Freighter

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The Action IV bulk Freighter is a modest cargo hauler built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. lt is designed to operate in safe sectors of space or as part of well-escorted convoys. The Action IV can carry a huge amount of cargo, but it's designed to carry vast amounts of similar materials or goods, rather than mixed cargoes requiring different types of stowage facilities. This distinction sets bulk freighters apart from the lines of light freighters manufactured by the same company, such as the YT-1300. Although the Action IV is sold completely unarmed, like most Corellian designs, it can be modified extensively to carry weapons or even other ships.

Craft Corellian Engineering Corporation Action IV Bulk Transport Class Space Transport
Cost 945,000 Size Medium-size (100 m long)
Initiative +2 (+0 size, +2 crew) Crew 8 (Normal + 2)
Passengers None Cargo Capacity 75,000 Metric Tons
Consumables 3 Months Hyperdrive x3 (backup x7)
Maximum Speed Cruising Maneuvers +2 (+O size, +2 crew);
Defense 20 (+0 size, +10 armor) Shield Points 0
Hull Points 60 DR 5
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