244core Planet

244Core enjoys legendary status within its sector of the Unknown Regions. The world is said to contain an abundance of riches, raw materials, and precious metals. Although the planet has been mined for centurie s, none of the Unknown Regions companies that compete for control of the world make a significant dent in its considerable resources. Far from the powerful interstellar corporations of known space, these smaller companies battle one another for resources and profits.


Region: Unknown Regions
Climate: Arid
Gravity: Heavy
Moons: 2 moons, 3 major companion asteroid clusters
Length of Day: 32 standard hours
Length of Year: 244 local days .
Sapient Species: 10% Human, 30% near-Human, 60% other species
Government: Corporate
Capital: Relaali Zone One
Major Exports: Precious metals, raw ore
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, manufactured items, technology



10 244Core is a corporate-controlled world. There are no government regulations to protect workers-only the employers' agreements. Employees can gain leverage by threatening to work for a competitor.
15 Corporate control of the planet shifts regularly as the companies jockey for power. No single corporation is big enough to hold control over the entire planet for long, resulting in constantly shifting powersharing arrangements and complex profit sharing schemes.
20 The controlling companies avoid open violence when possible, since it is generally viewed as bad for business. However, the companies do use industrial espionage, smuggling, skimming, and all other matters of bending and breaking the rules to gain advantages over their competitors.
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